Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Plane Sight

Should be a good flight!

Pity the burka'd airline traveler. Complain all you want about lugging heavy suitcases, last-minute gate changes, and unnecessary pat-downs - but try dealing with all that while fully cloaked in black from head to toe in the middle of July, battling crotch-and-pit sweat the likes of which I can hardly imagine. Then, when you finally make it on the plane and expect a little cool-down, enjoy the worried sideways glances and unabashed snickering of all your fellow passengers and crewmembers! I consider myself a progressive person, not prone to irrational or racist fears, but I have to admit when I saw this lady board part of me went, "Here we fuckin' go." But just part of me. The rest of me saw this as a hilarious photo opp.

Do you think she tried on a bunch of different glasses before settling on that pair? Did she have another contender that she kept holding up to other patrons, going "These...or these? These again...or these?" Uh, I don't really depends what your face looks like. When I buy glasses it takes me several hours to decide on a pair. If it was the only creative choice I got to make about my appearance EVER, I don't know that I would ever pick a frame. But it would make the whole "Scratch Resistance" and "High Index Lens" decisions easier. Yeah, I'll take everything. Everything possible for this one thing I get to have.

I spotted this woman in the airport before we boarded. She kind of sticks out in a crowd because of the whole 'ridiculous outfit' thing. Seeing her in the context of a million other normal-dressed humans, I had to wonder if she ever looks around and thinks "Wait a minute...AM I WEIRD?!" Because yes. The answer is yes. I mean, I think that about myself, and I don't look half as weird as this. Sometimes I go out in an outfit that I feel doesn't quite match, and everywhere I go I feel like people are staring at me thinking "Haha, that guy thinks you can wear a yellow shirt with green cargo pants! What a tool!" I can't think about anything but my humiliation until I go home and change. I can't imagine going out in public in a black shirt and pants, let alone a black onesy/glasses combo that makes me look like a near-sighted ghost.

This woman is possibly the bravest person I have ever met. And by 'met,' I mean 'cowardly taken a picture of for future mocking.' For this, I salute her - and laugh at how silly she looks.

I am nervously wondering if there's any chance this lady reads my blog.

I am Ledgin.


  1. it was me. i was following you. family spy, you know...not really. i stay as far away from family as possible. i changed your diapers a few times though. signed, your-aunt-who-admits-she's-crazy-not-the-one-who-is-but-doesn't-seem-to-know-it.

  2. hey, it signed me into a google account that's not mine...hmmm..