Friday, February 20, 2009

Eye Phone

When I first got an iPhone, I justified it by arguing "I'm condensing two devices into one!" The only time I use the word "device" is when I am convincing myself to buy something. I quickly realized that the real reason for having an iPhone is that it's easy to disguise yourself to a stranger as a douche bag typing away on your phone when REALLY you are a douche bag taking a photo of that stranger so you can post in on the World Wide Webby. Here are some photos I took of strangers I thought were weird and/or dumb-looking:

I caught surfer Nick Nolte in a deep sleep at the public library in L.A. Is there anything not hilarious about this guy? Does he honestly expect us to believe he got six hundred, ninety-nine pages into "The Star Wars Trilogy" and then thought "OMG, the Emperor is about to KILL Luke Skywalker!!! I could reeeally use a nap." Also, are those by any chance PIANO KEYS on your socks??? Spolier alert: they are!

You know what would really bring this outfit together? A completely different outfit. I am such a bitch!

This, in my opinion, seemed a little disrespectful. Who would cut George Washington's arms off? The man is a hero in the Jewish community.

Do you get it? Hit me up in the comments section if you get it. I'll give you a, that would give it away.

Love means never having to say "Do you mind if I rest my iPod Touch portrait-style on the spacey Indian muumuu covering your tremendous bosom and watch '30 Rock' while we share a set of ear buds and I try desperately to avoid crushing the person who got stuck with a window seat in our aisle." I wish I had this kind of joy in my life. I usually watch '30 Rock' alone. :(

I am available for hire as a photo-journalist.

I am Ledgin.


  1. I personally think you should take a picture of your self because you might be the biggest douche bag of them all.

  2. So true! Didn't you see the photo of me with the tambourine??

  3. I don't get the cat in the bag one... But I'm blonde, so I usually don't get stuff...